Above: This Debts and Demands, and a Show Cause, were kept a secret from me until after it was done.
The secrecy turns what was meant to expose, into a cover up


It has been in the Court records for 23 years. Not one establishment power has tried to expose it. I tried for 23 years and have been destroyed for it. It was done by the CPA Joanne L. Barnes (EIN 541040148, SSN 579-44-3240?) and the Attorney Edward J. White. Money disappeared and they disappeared. They never explained their accounting.

The signature cover of the accountants and their collaborators is to divide and disempower the family they victimize. I wish someone had warned our family. The only protection families have is to learn to recognize the patterns before it is too late. These two patterns are a suggested start - http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com/2patterns/2patterns-home.html

$545,820.43 - $26,917.17 = $518,903.26
($518,903.26 disappears)

"$518,903.26 vanishes:  $545,820.43 is received by the Estate but only $26,917.17 is recorded; The difference of $518,903.26 vanishes.
$545,820.43 - $26,917.17 = $518,903.26.  

$1,475.97 - $816.00 = $659.97 Fog it.
(Plants confusion and conflict in the accounting to cover-up the accounting trails)
Fog it - "Debt fm Harold O'Connell Trust ...... 659.97"


Two examples of trails

$545,820.43 - $26,917.17 = $518,903.26 (money disappears)

Money disappears. $545,820.43 is received by the Estate from the payoff of the Lynch Note on April 21, 1992. But only $26,917.17 is recorded. The difference of $518,903.26 disappears.

$1,475.97 - $816.00 = $659.97 (covers money trails)

The $1,475.97 - $816.00 = $659.97 trail covers up the $545,820.43 - $26,917.17 = $518,903.26 trail. It creates an obstacle or accounting entanglement that obfuscates accounting trails and is used as a wedge and takeover tool. Who ever controls the accounting entanglement (the accountants) controls the assets and people who are entangled. Small amounts are used to make them appear unimportant, as if their significance were the amount and not that they entangle. Their significance is that they entangle.

The CPA Joanne Barnes who did the accounting for the Trust and the Estate created this example by reporting different numbers to different entities when the numbers should be the same. She reports to the Court that the Trust paid the Estate $1,475.97. She reports to the IRS that the Trust paid the Estate $ 816.00. This is wrong. The numbers should be the same. The difference of $659.97 creates an accounting entanglement.

One indicator of the significance of the accounting entanglement $1,475.97 - $816.00 = $659.97 is that those who created it, approved it, and framed me with it, don't recognize this accounting trail or any accounting trail for these numbers. Try to get an authority to recognize an accounting trail for these numbers and see what happens.

If you learn to recognize the patterns in this simple example you can recognize the same patterns in the far more complex examples. This example is so good as a teaching guide it's uncanny.

I try to expose the accounting
Takeover Farm
Takeover Accotink

On March 30, 2012, after nineteen (19) years of going through traditional channels with no success, I try to expose the accounting for our Mother's Estate at bk467p191 by posting  http://www.canweconnectthedots.com .
About five (5) weeks later my farm in Highland County, Virginia, is taken over.
http://www.farm139.com , http://www.followthetrails.com
About eight (8) weeks later the process of taking over my trust property begins.
http://www.book8307page1446deed.com , http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com

1976?-1985   Total silence from CPA Joanne L. Barnes and Edward J. White about testamentary Trust
1985.xx.xx   Memo "Lawer fix". Our Mother is instructed to come to the Court and do some still unknown.
1992.10.16   Date of Deed for Accotink with me as Trustee, recorded on October 23, 1992, at bk8307p1446.
                     No one recognizes this Deed and no one will say why. This blocks me from selling Accotink.
1992.10.16   Date of POA with me as Trustee, recorded on November 12, 1993, at bk8845p1444.
1992.10.16   Date of Agreement with me as Trustee, recorded on November 12, 1993, at bk8845p1449.
1992.12.03   I ask the bar to stop Edward White from disempowering our family.
1993.03.20   Commissioner of Accounts Wilson officially approves the accounting at bk467page191.
1994.06.16   I file an Exceptions to the Commissioner's report.  It disappears.
1997.09.xx   I write a book to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191. This did not work.
1999.08.09   I ask the Commissioner to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191.
2000.07.24   I write to the judges to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191. This did not work.
2000.08.23   I file an Exceptions to the Commissioner's report.  It disappears.   
2012.01.17   I apply for VA poverty pension through AZDVS in Arizona
2012.02.07   Phoenix VA receives "February 7" document from AZDVS.
2012.03.30   I post http://www.canweconnectthedots.com to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191.
2012.05.10   Phoenix VA letter tells me that my poverty pension application basically disappeared.
2012.05.11   Fairfaix County Court has a lien for $27,669 sent to me that takes control of my farm.   
2012.05.25   Revocation of Power of Attorney as Trustee.  
2012.07.26   Pretend lien placement in Highland County Bank 1 is changed to pretend lien placement in Bank 2.
2012.08.30   B&K law firm files a Complaint to remove me as Trustee .
2012.09.24   My one (1) response to Complaint received by Court.
2012.09.26   My seventeen (17) responses to Complaint received by Court.  But apparently disappeared.
2012.09.28   Injunction.
2012.10.05   Order (". . Trust shall not expire . . .") 
2012.10.22   Notice to appear in Virginia Court. 
2012.12.04   Order to appear in Virginia Court.
2013 01.25   Judge Smith's Order approves the Complaint and I am removed as Trustee.
Future          If this trend is projected, I believe it will show that the forces that don't want the accounting at
                     bk467p191 exposed will have me dead before allowing it to be exposed.



                                                                Fairfax, Virginia
(1)   http://www.659trail.com   
(2)   http://www.alexandriavirginia15acres.com   
(3)   http://www.book467page191money.com      @               
(4)   http://www.book8307page1446deed.com   
(5)   http://www.canweconnectthedots.com         
(6)   http://www.canwelookattheevidence.com 
(7)   http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com     (Best)
(8)   http://www.fbispringfield.com
(9)   http://www.inreharoldaoconnell.com
(10) http://www.judgesfairfaxcounty.com      
(11) http://www.removethesecrecy.com    
(12) http://www.transparencyandaccountabilityinfairfaxcounty.com     

(1)   http://www.farm139.com
(2)   http://www.unknownlien.com

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(1)   http://www.tucsonva.com  
(2)   http://www.stoppedmedicine.com
(3)   http://www.followthetrails.com
(4)   http://www.followthetrails2013.com


Jean Miner O'Connell, our Mother, did not want assets to disappear from her estate or her family torn apart to cover it up. The CPA Joanne L. Barnes (SN 579-44-3240, EIN 541040148?), the Attorney Edward J. White, and their collaborators, did that. Their signature cover is to use a trusting member of the family they victimize to unwittingly divide and disempower the family. They are insulated beyond imagination. It is fiducary rape.

It appears to be the perfect cover. In twenty-three (23) years not one member of the establishment has tried to expose their accounting or tried to stop them from using our trusting sister. Not one. This accounting fraud is here to stay, and the only protection familes have is themselves. Secrecy between family members is essential to these accountants and fatal to the family. If your family insists on no secrecy between family members these accountants will leave your family alone.

Can anyone stop my trusting family members from being used? Please keep in mind that the accountants and their colaborators have been telling my family for twenty-three years that I am the bad guy. You will not believe the size of the forces musterred against me, to stop me from trying to expose the accounting. Suggestion - Verify that none of the items in the complaint they had my sister sign are true, and then try to convince my sister that none of the items are true.  http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com/complaint/complaint-home.html

1) Jean OConnell Nader, 350 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068, Tel 724 337-7537 (My sister) For some reason I can no longer get this address on mapquest. The links below show it is a real address -

2) Amy Nader Johnson, 1401 West View Drive, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068-5947, natron36@hotmail.com (About half a mile from her Mom, Jean OConnell Nader)

To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accountiung. If you are not totally convinced that the only way to get to the truth is to expose the trails (money trails, document trails, what should be but isn't trails, etc.,), and that trails trump everything, this is a good place to stop.