Please connect and keep in mind three dots: .

  • Concealed evidence. Bk467p191 [the evidence] has been closed for twenty years.
  • Character assassinations. The effects of twenty years of assassinating my character for trying to expose Bk467p191. It has made me a pariah, even to my own family. I am powerless to stop it.
  • Judgments made without looking at the evidence. Twenty years of judgments made without exposing bk467p191.

To try to keep it simple only two of the accounting trails in bk467p191 are addressed here, 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97 and the $545,820 cash payment to the Estate on April 21, 1992, that was never recorded.

Please look at the evidence and then judge. The evidence is in exposing the accounting trails at bk467p191.